How to Save Fuel in MotoGP 24

MotoGP 24
Credit: Milestone

MotoGP 24
Credit: Milestone

MotoGP 24 is out now, and you'll need to know how to save fuel to make the end of the race.

MotoGP 24 changes up a number of game mechanics and the fuel system is one of them. You can read about that and all the other changes this year in our full review.

If your tank is looking a little emptier than you'd like during races, this is the guide you need to make the chequered flag.

MotoGP 24 How to Save Fuel

As the top level of motorbike racing, MotoGP pushes the limits in every aspect, and fuel consumption is no different. In previous MotoGP games, the fuel load on the bike wasn't an important part of racing.

However, that has changed with MotoGP 24, as you can now choose the amount of fuel you start with and underfuel the bike if you choose to. This is the case for both the full race and the sprint race.

MotoGP 24 fuel
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So, why would you deliberately underfuel your bike? Well, the answer lies in weight savings. The less fuel you have in the bike, the lighter it will be and the quicker it will be.

While these differences are less noticeable than in car racing like F1 as bikes carry less fuel than four-wheeled series, this can and does have an effect on lap times.

How to save fuel in MotoGP 24

There are two ways to save fuel during a race in MotoGP 24. The first and easiest is to turn the engine down or limit when you're on higher Power (PWR) modes.

This can be changed when out on track in any session by turning the PWR down to 2 or 1. If you need to save fuel, turn the bike's PWR down to 2 on the twisty parts of the circuit where you're less likely to be passed by another rider.

MotoGP 24 fuel
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You can see how you're doing fuel-wise by checking the green bar on the bottom right of the screen. This will show you if you're above or below your forecasted fuel load for that part of the race.

If you're in the minuses, you'll need to save fuel. One way to do this is to change your riding style. Getting off the throttle to lift and coast before braking zones is one way to lower fuel consumption.

You can also short-shift up the gears if you have manual gears enabled. Something else you can do is turn up the Traction Control (TCS) and Anti-wheelie (AW) assist, both of which will limit fuel usage.

For more on MotoGP 24, check out our guides for beginners and motog for the best tips and tricks.

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