Get MotoGP 24 at a stunning 18% discount

Someone riding a navy and orange Red Bull-branded bike in MotoGP 24.
Credit: Milestone

Someone riding a navy and orange Red Bull-branded bike in MotoGP 24.
Credit: Milestone

MotoGP 24 has arrived, and its release brings with it a brand new deal to capitilise on. Right now, you can pick up the game for just £48.94, which is a handy 18% off that allows you to hit the track for less.

This is particularly handy for anyone who missed the pre-order sale price for Xbox, as it gives you another chance to buy a copy at a discounted cost. It's even better this time around though, because that 18% discount applies to both the Xbox and PS5 versions, therefore covering most people's console needs.

The game has a lot to offer, so let's take a closer look at what you're getting for your investment...

The key to this year's MotoGP game is that it is more up-to-date than the previous release. That is a bit of a given seeing as it has '24' in the title, but what the title doesn't give away is that the game has had a whole bunch of gameplay improvements and other changes as well.

For instance, the new Riders Market has revamped the Career Mode, creating a more dynamic feel to your MotoGP journey, and adaptive difficulty means the AI's performance will change based on your skill level. Sprint races have been added to the real-life calendar too, plus the Race Direction will now hand out penalties to both you and the AI equally.

That's just some of what the game has to offer, but if you want to hear more of our thoughts, check out our MotoGP 24 review. Before you go though, dive into MotoGP and the 18% discount using the link below.

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