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Is NFS Unbound like Underground?

Need for Speed Unbound Underground

With the official reveal coming last week, we're wondering if NFS Unbound is like Underground.

The Need for Speed Underground games are some of the best in the series' history, but what do the classics and the upcoming have in common? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Is NFS Unbound like Underground?

Need for Speed Underground and Underground 2 are some of the most-fondly remembered racing games of our childhood.

Need for Speed Unbound is definitely bringing sweeping changes to the NFS series that could hearken back to its roots.

Need for Spped Unbound
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For a start, the game is set in a large city, most likely in America. A difference though is that the latest trailer has shown that daytime hours will be available to play in Unbound.

However, looking at the cars we've seen so far, the customisation looks fantastic. In fact, it's a level above that which we saw in Heat and potentially the best ever.

The theme of street racing will continue too, with potentially a huge map to explore as well. Underground 1 had some comic book elements to its storytelling, and there are anime elements to Unbound's art style.

There are definitely parallels between Unbound and Underground, but this is by no means a continuation of the classic NFS series. We've had no confirmation of any characters, nor cars returning on Unbound.

Unbound trailer

If you haven't seen Need for Speed Unbound's trailer, you're missing out! We've linked it below so you can check it out now:

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