5 things we want to see from Need for Speed

Need for Speed formed a large part of our childhoods, and the game's are still massively popular today.

With the next title now pushed back to allow Criterion to work on Battlefield 6, we're hoping our next NFS title will be unstoppable.

So, here are 5 things that we hope to see in the next NFS game!

The open road

One of the best features of Need for Speed titles is the open-world nature. All the way back as far as Need for Speed Underground, the thrill of simply driving around in your car was awesome.

need for speed heat
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HEAT: NFS Heat has an awesome world to drive around in!

With today's technology, we're sure this open-world map could be massive, and that's exactly what we want.

Much like huge open-world maps such as The Crew 2 or Forza Horizon 4, we'd love to see an immense NFS map. This also adds the potential for a number of different environments, tight, winding mountain roads leading on to huge open freeways!


This always goes without saying, but a Need for Speed game needs some top-notch customisation.

Whether that's through officially licensed aftermarket parts, or just the sheer variety in things you can customise, it has to be in there.

NFS Heat did a great job of this, and we hope the next title continues this trend! Maybe we'll even get some exciting new full bodykits?

The cars

One thing that Forza does well is its cars. It has lots and lots of cars.

need for speed garage ford focus
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CHOICES: Cars and customisation are huge elements of these games!

Sounds kind of simple for a driving game, but we want NFS to try and do the same.

A wider variety in the vehicle selection is never a bad thing, and if they can all have incredibly in-depth levels of customisation, then that's an awesome bonus.

The cops

Another defining element of the gameplay of Need for Speed games is the cop chases.

We'd love to see some more variety in these chases, and some more cop cars to boot would be great also.

This would all add to the stress of the chase, and make it that much more exciting!

A story

Finally, we want the game to have a real narrative that we can get behind and become engrossed in.

need for speed hot pursuit remastered
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CRITERION: The studio helped make Hot Pursuit so our hopes are high!

A storymode can make or break an arcade style game, and with a well-established and thought out story mode, a game becomes far more playable.

So, we've got our fingers crossed for an awesome narrative-based mode that keeps us wanting more!

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