Need for Speed 2022: Do these Tweets confirm an announcement is coming?

Need for Speed Tweets

Need for Speed Tweets

Need for Speed 2022 could finally be about to be revealed. A few Tweets from official Twitter accounts seem to suggest that something significant is on the way very soon for NFS fans.

Need for Speed 2022 Tweets

The next NFS game has been a long time coming. For a start, it's now been almost three years since Need for Speed Heat released in 2019. That's the longest gap between NFS titles in the series' history.

There have been many reasons for this, but it's still longer than anybody anticipated.

Fans have been crying out for answers online and today, they might have an answer. Both the official Codemasters and Need for Speed Twitter accounts replied to @U5ER_141's Tweet this evening:

NFS 2022 Tweets
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Why is this so significant?

You might be thinking "So what? Why is this a big deal?" Well, it is a big deal, and here's why. The simple fact of the matter is that two Twitter accounts associated with NFS 2022 wouldn't reply like this unless something big was coming.

That will most likely be a teaser/ reveal trailer, which we expect to be released later this week. It is simply too much of a coincidence for these Tweets and an announcement from Jeff Grubb to be made on the same day.

Need for Speed Heat
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This also all but confirms that Codies will have significant involvement with NFS 2022.

As for the title, Need for Speed Unbound is the most commonly suggested name, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Furthermore, this also comes as NFS Heat goes on sale on Steam and sees a massive uplift in the amount of active players. This was definitely a move by EA to increase interest around the series ahead of the big reveal.

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