Need For Speed Next Gen: These games need to be remastered

Need for Speed is one of the oldest and most successful racing game series of all-time.

Dating back to 1994, the franchise has gone from strength-to-strength over the past 26 years. However, NFS arguably peaked during the mid-2000s, with most of the fan favourites being released during this period.

EA and Criterion recently released a remastered version of NFS: Hot Pursuit to celebrate the title's 10th anniversary.

This got us thinking; which other NFS games would we like to see remastered for the next-gen consoles? Here are a few of our picks!

Underground & Underground 2

This is where NFS massively took off and entered the mainstream. Both Underground and its sequel are brilliant arcade racers and a lot of fun.

Taking place in Olympic City, the game is set completely a night time and would look glorious with a next-gen remaster.

need for speed underground 2
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RIDERS ON THE STORM: Street racing is fantastic in the Underground games

The Underground games also feature arguably the best customisation model in the series' history. 17 years have passed and nothing can match it.

"You want air shock suspension to bounce around the streets for no reason? You got it!" "Want a massive spoiler that would ruin the suspension in real life? Sure thing!"

The Underground games are considered by some to be the best ever in the series and it's easy to see why. These games are like Pimp My Ride meets The Fast and Furious, it's bonkers and so good because of it.

We can't talk about the Underground games without mentioning the soundtracks either. The Doors, Queens of the Stoneage, Xzibit and more feature make a perfect blend of classic and what was then modern music.

Most Wanted (2005)

Not to be confused with the 2012 reboot, 2005's Most Wanted is what many players consider to be "peak" NFS. The plot is classic NFS as well, so cheesy yet so good!

NFS Most Wanted 1
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STREET RACER: Most Wanted's races are excellent

After being cheated during a pink slips race, you lose your prized car, the BMW M3 GTR that the game has become synonymous with.

You then need to climb the ladder and beat the 15 drivers on "the blacklist" to win your favourite ride back and beat your arch-rival Razor.

This is all while trying to evade the cops too, who are prominent throughout the game. In fact, this is where the cops became a real force, with RAM units, helicopters and road blocks all being used against you.

The soundtrack is also iconic, debatably better than the Undergrounds'. Customisation is nothing to shake a stick at either, simple yet effective in this title.

Carbon (2006)

The sequel to Most Wanted is when some believe NFS began to decline, but we believe it's an underrated title. If Carbon was remastered on next-gen, it would show a new generation of players just how good it was.

NFS Carbon
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BEAUTIFUL: Carbon's Palmont City is just as good as Underground's Olympic city

You begin in Palmont City with your BMW M3 again and once again, lose your ride, this time to the police. It turns out that Cross (one of the antagonists from MW) has chased you all the way to Palmont City.

It's a recycled storyline, but Carbon's gameplay is where it really shines. You recruit crew members to race alongside as teammates during races. Each has a unique ability, such as taking out rival drivers.

Like Underground, Palmont City's street races take place at night, something that will look mesmeric with next-gen graphics.

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