Need for Speed Unbound: A$AP Rocky's car revealed

Need for Speed Unbound A$AP Rocky car

Need for Speed Unbound A$AP Rocky car

One of Need for Speed Unbound's most surprising inclusions is that of rapper A$AP Rocky. The American artist was confirmed to be in NFS Unbound is some capacity when the game was revealed.

What A$AP's role would be and the car he'd drive was a mystery until recently. Here's everything we know following a recent announcement from EA.

Need for Speed Unbound A$AP Rocky

We got a little look at A$AP Rocky and his car in Need for Speed Unbound when the first trailer was released.

Need for Speed Unbound A$AP Rocky
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What initially looked like a black car that had a reflection on its far side has actually turned out to be a car split down the middle in terms of its paint scheme.

A$AP's cool ride

A$AP Rocky's car is as cool as you'd expect. NFS Unbound's customisation features are on full display here, with a very unique Mercedes 190E. All of the badges are gold, with the left half of the car black and the right half white.

Each wheel rim is different and the custom body kit and spoiler look fantastic. With the blown exhaust as well, it'll sound as good as it looks.

Need for Speed A$AP Rocky
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The left side of the car has "Alway$ $trive and Pro$per" written on it, with "If not now, when?" on the right side.

They say it pays to the cost to be the boss and this is a ride that's definitely befitting of one.

It's also confirmed that this car will be available to players once they've beaten A$AP in a race. At what stage of the story this will occur isn't clear but we'll be eager to find out!

Risk & Reward Trailer

Need for Speed Unbound's latest trailer showed off its gameplay highlights. These include the cop chases, new art style and the gambling mechanic within the game.

If you haven't seen it yet, you can check it out below:

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