Need for Speed Unbound Best Drift Car: This build will make you a Drift King

Need for Speed Unbound drift

Need for Speed Unbound drift

Need for Speed Unbound has a lot of cool cars in it, but which is the best drift car? Drifting events are different to races in that you'll need to have a car that can corner consistently instead of one with just a high top speed.

Need for Speed Unbound Best Drift Car

A bit like what is the fastest car in Need for Speed Unbound, there isn't a consensus for which is the best drift car. In general though, as is usually the case, Japanese sports cars with rear-wheel drive setups are the best.

Need for Speed Unbound Drifting
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You can enter any car into a drift event, but some are definitely better than others. Those with four-wheel or front-wheel drive configurations often aren't the best to opt for.

Like anything though, practice makes perfect and that's especially the case for drifting in NFS Unbound.

Mazda RX7 Drift Version

For this build, we're going to use the Mazda RX-7 Sprint R (2002). This is a B-tier vehicle and will set you back $59,500 if you don't already own it.

Beginning with the performance, keep the same engine for now, as drifting is more about the control you can have over your vehicle.

Need for Speed Unbound drifting
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Add the elite parts for Induction, ECU, Fuel System, Exhaust, Turbocharger, Suspension, Brakes, Clutch, and Differential. Your tyres should also be set to drift tyres, as these are the best for controlling a slide.

Your Gearbox is a personal choice, but a six or seven-speed setup is probably best. You won't need to bother with NOS, as this won't be used in drift events.

All of these upgrades will make your car from a B-tier to an S-tier vehicle. All in, this car with the customisation options will set you back around $360,000.

Additional customisation

The upgrades listed above will make your ride into one of the best drifters out there. While you don't need to add more style to your car by purchasing body kits and other cosmetic upgrades, you should if you can.

If you've got the money, why not personalise your whip to represent you?

Need for Speed Unbound
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Go into the Style menu within the Garage and add parts such as body kits, rims, wings and a custom paint scheme.

The level of detail in Need for Speed Unbound's customisation is very impressive and if you've got the money, you should take full advantage of it.

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