Need for Speed Unbound: How to end cop pursuits FAST

Need for Speed Unbound cops

Need for Speed Unbound cops

One of Need for Speed Unbound's standout features is its cop pursuits. The police are never far away from you and it isn't easy to shake them from your tail.

So, what are the best methods to lose your heat level? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Need for Speed Unbound Pursuits

Need for Speed Unbound doesn't mess around when it comes to the police. While they aren't as tough as the ones in Need for Speed Heat, they are difficult to evade and escape from.

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Often, at the end of events, you'll be thrown straight into a police chase. Depending on your heat level and how far you are into the game, that could mean a lot of money is on the line.

This can lead to what is a very unwelcome distraction, and a costly one at that.

How to avoid the police

If you never get into a pursuit in the first place, you're saving yourself a problem further down the line. The best way to do this is to ensure that the last event of your day is either a Takeover, Head-to-Head or Drift.

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None of these events will ever spawn cops at the end, so you won't see them when the chequered flag drops.

How to end cop chases quickly

The police are impossible to avoid long-term though, so methods to lose them rapidly when you do end up in a chase can be very beneficial.

Something to bear in mind as well is that you can always lose the cops when in cooldown mode by going to a Safehouse, Garage or a Meetup.

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If you have the funds available, buy the Undercover Racer upgrade for your car. This doubles the time it takes for the police to spot you and engage in a chase. This part can be found in Performance and then Auxiliary in the customisation section.

The cops may not be harder than those in Heat, but some methods like going in water no longer works as a quick escape. Instead, you'll need to be dynamic and improvise with your movements.

Quickly exiting a motorway or weaving your way through heavy traffic often ends with the cops getting caught up and losing sight of you.

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