Need for Speed Unbound Takeover Guide: Grab first place every time

The latest NFS game can be quite the grind for cash, but after this Need for Speed Unbound Takeover Guide you will be banking huge rewards!

Takeovers offer something different from racing and drift challenges. These points-building tests are all about chaining together object smashes, checkpoints, drifts, and skilful driving.

However, with our tips, you will be winning with ease.

Need for Speed Unbound Takeover guide

Let's start with what Takeovers are. These are events that put you on a short stunt course of sorts around Lakeshore City. You have three laps of the track to amass as many points as possible.

You score by chaining together drifts, item smashes, and big air, but items don't regenerate, so you have to be highly precise with your driving.


There are a few tips to dominate Takeovers and win BIG cash.

Tap your NOS

The key to a big score is maintaining a high multiplier, and the best way to do that is to keep tapping your NOS as you go from corner to corner.

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Drifting and smashing objects will rack up points, but so will boosting with your NOS. So when you have nothing to smash and no corner to drift around give your NOS button a little tap to activate it briefly.

This will keep the combo going until you can do something else and won't burn through your NOS bar too quickly.


While there is a circuit for Takeover events, there are multiple paths you can take.

Each of these paths has objects to smash which will give you more points, so be sure to switch up your routes lap after lap.

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Objects don't respawn after each lap either, which only emphasises the importance of varying your path as you complete the Takeover.

Take your time

The game might be called Need for Speed, but there is no bonus for completing the Takeover course as fast as possible.

That means you can take it easy, work your drifts on the corners and line up your item-smashing routes.

You do get points for big air, but there is usually an object to smash somewhere off a jump, so you don't need to hit the ramps as fast as possible.

Side bets

If you use all these tips you will get yourself a win at EVERY Takeover you compete in.

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That means you can activate the biggest side bets against your competitors and rake in even more cash.

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