NFS Heat: Sale on Steam, 70% off, Deluxe Edition & more!

Need for Speed is one of those titles that truly takes us back to our childhood.

From days spent putting flames on the side of a Ford Focus and thinking 'that looks sick', to now, we've never really lost our passion for the games.

Now, in an exciting turn of events, the game is on sale. So, for those on PC, read on, and let's take a look at this sale now!

NFS Heat Steam Sale

The awesome Need for Speed heat is currently on sale on Steam, and like most Steam discounts, it's a big one.

NFS Heat 1
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RACE YOUR WAY: You can make some awesome cars in the game!

This time, the game is reduced from £59.99 to £17.99, which is a whopping 70% off for those wanting to purchase the game.

For less than £20 at its current price, the game feels like a bit of a steal to us. If you don't have it already, we highly recommend doing so!

Need for Speed Heat

We've played Heat for a while now, and we still love the game. Firstly, the racing, even against AI, is very fun.

need for speed heat
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CUSTOMISATION: The game nails this key element again!

The pace of the AI cars is fast and makes for a fun, arcade-y race, but it's certainly no true simulator type game. For example, be prepared to drift around every single corner as you make your way around Palm City.

The law in NFS Heat may have you slightly angry also. The cars are incredibly strong and seem to catch you in an instant, so be wary of that!

However, the game's customisation and impressive visuals make up for this. On PC, we imagine the game will be an absolute stunner!

Some final thoughts

We love this game. Despite its cheesy storyline and problematic driving mechanics, the game is still fun.

Don't expect any in-depth setup tweaks or force feedback driving, but if you're in the market for a fun pick up and play racer, this could be it.

So, quickly, get out there and take advantage of this awesome sale!

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