Art of Rally is coming to Xbox this summer along with a new Kenya update

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Art of Rally is one of the most carelessly fun games we’ve played for quite some time. 

With its gorgeous visuals, quirky polygon-heavy artwork, synth-based soundtrack and interesting career mode, it certainly stands out. Especially compared to other rally simulators. 

Now, it’s coming to Xbox.

Art of Rally Xbox and Game Pass release date

Funselektor Labs announced last week that Art of Rally will be coming to the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Game Pass in the summer. Previously, it was available only on PC and Mac, via Steam, Epic and GOG.

The jump to console-gaming was announced during a Twitch showcase of Xbox games coming over the next few months. However, while Xbox owners will get to experience all the fun things the game has to offer, there was no news on when or if the game will be coming to PlayStation.

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POLYGONS: The roadside crowd is going wild!

Kenya update

The Kenya rally, also known as the Safari Rally, will also be coming to Art of Rally at the same time. 

This update, which will be free on all platforms, will feature four new cars and six new tracks, as well a free roam area. We also hear it will include zebras, giraffes and elephants across the stages… so watch out for wildlife. 

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HISTORIC: The Safari rally is renowned to be treacherous

Eagle-eyed viewers of the Kenya teaser trailer have already worked out that the four cars appear to be a Porsche 959, Toyota Celica Twin Cam Turbo, Nissan 240RS and Datsun 160J.

Currently, there’s 61 rally cars to drive in this game, ranging from Group B, Group S and Group A. There’s also 60 rally stages across Finland, Sardinia, Norway, Japan and Germany.

Check out the Game Pass trailer below.

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