Asphalt 9 Grand Prix: Feel the Pro

When racing is in your DNA, what can one do but give in to the temptation of wanting to feel like a pro? You feel that, yes?

Asphalt 9 Grand Prix is just the remedy for you then.

Asphalt 9 Grand Prix are one time special edition events. Get ready to feel the heat of Grand Prix!

Grand Prix Cars & Events

Asphalt 9 Grand Prix is not based on introducing events, it introduces the experience that comes with it. A specific car is kept in mind while launching a Grand Prix event.

Asphalt 9 Bentley Continental GT3
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Bentley Continental GT3 Grand Prix Key

This car then changes depending on which

Asphalt 9 Grand Prix: Dynamics

A special car is always in focus in Grand Prix events. This car needs a key to unlock. If you have the skills, you might get the key to it in the end.

These events consist of three rounds, namely practice, qualifiers and finals.


In practice rounds, racers get the feel of the feature car. The gamer' laps are timed. In addition to timing the laps, the gamer has to suffice a set number of conditions. These conditions are set according to each Grand Prix event.

Unlimited access to the feature car is provided within the event. The feature car consumes fuel though at this stage of practice.


After practice, come qualifiers. Racers completing the practice conditions move to this round.

Racers are put in a pool of 20 in qualifiers. Three attempts are available to record your best times., so do your best. The top 10 timings from each group earn an entry into the final rounds. This is where it gets serious.

Asphalt 9
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3,2,1, Lets Race!

What if you can't make it to the top 10 in first round of qualifiers? Do not worry, there are other ways. Other ways to enter final rounds:

  1. There are qualifiers 2 and 3. The availability of these depends on the availability of racers. It is possible that there may not be qualifier 2 or 3 for you. It depends on the number of racers available to pool and your timings in practice.
  2. There is another way, it is to pay your way into final rounds using tokens.

Asphalt 9 Grand Prix: Final Rounds

Next come the final rounds. There are 5 Tiers in this round. Ranking in qualifiers decide which Tier you enter. The best qualifiers go into Tier 1. Rewards for different Tiers differ, as Tier 1 gets the best rewards.

In each tier you are given, you get races to practice and improve your timings. After practice, there are 3 races each. You can play more races at the cost of Tokens in Asphalt 9. An overall score is generated at the end of final rounds.

Timings and position in each race decide your over all score. Overall score decides your rank in the respective tier.


After a good racing event, you certainly should be rewarded. Rank and Tier decide which rewards you get, so do your absolute best. Rewards include, key to the Feature Car, Card Packs, Import Part Packs, Tokens, Credits and so on.

Everything is worth the experience Asphalt 9 Grand Prix brings. It feels exactly like a Grand Prix week. Participate the next time you see an event like that. It is exhilarating!

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