Codemasters once again shows its support for mental health & the NHS

We can't speak for those reading this article, but lockdown has been a real kick in the teeth... To put it lightly.

With everyone feeling the struggles of 2021, Codemasters has once again shown its support for players and anyone struggling in these times.

Codemasters has paired up with the UK Government and Public Health England to spread some essential messaging within their games.

Guidelines messaging

It goes without saying that some of the most important messaging from this campaign reinforces the lockdown restrictions.

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LOCKDOWN: We are incredibly close to finally leaving this lockdown!

With the vaccine rolling out and the UK finally edging nearer to moving on, it more important than ever to 'Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives'.

This banner, along with other crucial messaging, will be making its way into DIRT 5, DiRT Rally 2.0, and GRID. Sporting a huge player base between them, it should hopefully emphasise the importance of working together in this lockdown.

Every mind matters

Another major side effect of so long in lockdown has been the drastic negative effect on people's mental health.

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HELP EACH OTHER: Mental health is more important than ever right now!

As such, this time, some of the messaging focuses on the support networks available for those struggling. These have been developed with Public Health England.

This will appear in-game as messaging from the 'Every Mind Matters' campaign, which offers to help people through the Mind Plan. Those needing help can answer 5 simple questions and then receive a personalised action plan to help them.

“We’re delighted to continue being able to support government messaging, whilst we look forward to lockdown easing,” said John Merchant, Marketing Director at Codemasters. “It’s great being able to use our games to direct players to mental wellbeing advice. Even if we can help just one person then this has been a worthwhile addition.”

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