Hitman 3 Speedrun: Gone in 17 seconds

Hitman 3 has only been out for a few days, but speedrunners are already starting to flex over Agent 47 and make some stunning runs through the game.

The most recent one sees the first level of Hitman 3 conquered in just 17 seconds.

Bang bang!

What constitutes a speedrun is often up for debate, but as racers ourselves we can always appreciate players using game features and glitches to shave tenths of a second off the clock.

Hitman 3 is the final installment in IO Interactive’s World of Assassination trilogy and has received some rave reviews.

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IN THE SHADOWS: Agent 47 is back for more creative kills

Of course, with any new game speedrunners quickly started to crunch the data, work their angles out, and found ways to assassinate targets in record time.

YouTuber Frote7 has been able to get his time down to 17 seconds for the first level, Dubai.

This run uses a new feature for the Hitman 3 game, one that we are sure will have people questioning the authenticity of this speedrun.


Frote7 uses the new feature shortcuts to get the level done so quickly.

Shortcuts is a mechanic that allows players to easily move through things like locked doors and closed latches that were already unlocked in a previous playthrough.

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DON'T BE SUSPICIOUS: White is sus, vote out white!

That means you had to go into the level, unlock everything, and then start a fresh playthrough to do it so fast. Does that really count as an ultra-fast speed run then?

If you have to do something in another playthrough to make the fast one possible, surely the time spent unlocking the doors in the first place should count too!

We're sure this one will be debated in the speed running community!

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