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Hot Wheels Unleashed: Game leaked, release date, gameplay & more!

Here at RacingGames, we love a good leak. This time, we've found one that's right up our street.

The latest leak seems to show the return of a game we all loved when we were younger - Hot Wheels.

So, let's take a look at the leak, what the game will look like, and when we can expect to play it!

The Leak

The game itself was leaked by IdleSloth84 on Twitter, a resident Xbox fan, and was found as a Microsoft Store listing.

HWU Car 1
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FAN-FAVOURITES: The vehicles are replicas of real-life toys!

The leak on Twitter shows the store listing itself, as well as a number of screenshots depicting various Hot Wheels cars from the game.

Whilst we haven't had confirmation from anyone yet, the leak does appear to be legit. But, as always, take the information within with a grain of salt.


One of the greatest features appears to be a track editor, which will allow you to construct your own tracks. There is also a livery editor.

HWU Car 2
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LIVE YOUR DREAM: Now you can race on the track you always wanted to!

The description for the game shows that there will be split-screen for two players. Not only this, you'll be able to race online with up to 12 opponents.

The racing itself seems to rely on the drivers drifting and charging their boost. This then provides them with the necessary speed to cruise through the iconic orange loops without "gravity [doing] its job".

Release Date

The leaked release date appears to be September 30th 2021, which seems believable to us.

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REAL MUSCLE: Some cars are more realistic than others...

The developers, Milestone, are the team behind many bike games we have to come to love. This includes RIDE 4 and MotoGP 20.

Whilst the team will be hard at work providing extra content for these two titles, we see no reason why there won't be enough manpower to achieve the September release date.

The only other governing factor is coronavirus, which could leave the team working from home once again. If this does happen, we can assume there will be certain delays associated with it.

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