Jimmy Broadbent's Praga 'Goldie' is up for sale!

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Getting your hands on memorabilia from Sim Racing royalty is a chance that doesn't come around all that often.

There is about to be a unique, and expensive, chance to buy up an amazing piece of bonafide history though, as Praga offload their 2021 race cars.

Goldie on the block

Jimmy Broadbent is one of the most successful and best-loved racing YouTubers out there. The former shed dweller has competed in the Virtual Grand Prix, famously tangling with Lando Norris in Bahrain, but he's also competed in real world racing too.

Broadbent got a seat in the Britcar Endurance Championship with Praga's guest driver programme, taking the Praga R1 around some of Britain's most iconic circuits.

jimmy broadbent goldie
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IN ALL HER GLORY: This R1 was named Goldie by the man himself (CREDIT: Jimmy Broadbent)

With that championship coming to an end in October however, Praga has announced that the four of the five R1s, including Goldie, will be up for sale!

While the sale is open to anyone, you'll need more than a few quid to take ownership of Goldie...

The price of a Praga

This isn't a piece of kit that anyone can afford.


While sales are open to anyone, and Praga lists VR Motorsport and RaceCarsDirect for sales if you are interested, it is likely to set you back around £100,000 for the car, nevermind actual running and maintenance of it!

While a cool piece of memorabilia for sure, Goldie might be out of our budget. There have already been suggestions online from Jimmy's fans about a GoFundMe for Goldie, so that our favourite racer can get his very first race car!

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