Mario Kart Tour: New city, release date, start time, new alt & more

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Mario Kart has long been a beloved racing franchise.

While it has been a while since a mainstream version of the game was released, Mario Kart Tour has bought the same fun and chaos to mobile gamers.

Next week a new Tour will land!

Mario Kart Tour heads to Berlin

The New Year's 2021 Tour is wrapping up, and the Mario Kart circus is heading to Berlin!

Mario Kart Tour berlin
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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: This landed overnight

A new city course will enter the game, and there are a few indications of new alts coming into the game too.

Fans have already been dissecting the Luigi model in the background, as well as Bowser on the flags.

Release date

The Berlin Tour will coming into the game at 6am GMT on Wednesday 13 January.

That's 1am ET or 10pm PT on Tuesday 12.

We expect to hear more from Nintendo before then and maybe get a few glimpses of the new circuit.


Mario Kart Tour is free to download on both Android and iOS. However, you will need a Nintendo Account and there are in-app purchase.

Mario Kart comes to life

This all comes with a recent announcement that Super Nintendo World will be opening in 2021 at Universal Studios Japan.

The new theme park will have the world's first interactive Mario Kart ride, bringing the beloved game to life at long last.

With the introduction of Mario Kart Live this year, Nintendo have clearly been putting an emphasis on their amazing racing franchise.

It’s been a long time since the release of Mario Kart 8, and fans have been wondering what’s next.

We are hopeful this means a new game could also be in the works, with some amazing new tracks and features.

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