Mario Kart Tour: New Course added in time for Winter Event!

The latest game to get all festive is Mario Kart Tour.

The Mario Kart game is ready for the Christmas season with a host of new content for players.

The update adding this content is available now, so let's take a look!

New Course

The new track, which is now available in Mario Kart Tour, is called Merry Mountain.

Mario Kart Tour
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NEW CONTENT: The game is gearing up for the Christmas Season!

The track is a series original, so this is the first title that it has appeared in!

This is an exciting present for players, as previous winter updates have only added new themed tours and cosmetics.

It seems the Mario Kart team are truly getting into the Christmas spirit!

Mario Kart Tour Track
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SNOWY VISTAS: The new track seems truly festive!

The course seems to be snowy, and based in a mountain village. We know this thanks to two screenshots from the official Mario Kart Tour Twitter account!

New Cosmetics

The screenshots showcase parts of the new track and new themed outfits for the characters.

Mario and Yoshi are the main subjects of the screenshot, with a small portion of Bowser sneaking in behind Mario.

As such, we know at least three of the Mario Kart Tour characters are getting new outfits!

mario kart tour tracks
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Excitingly, Mario Kart Tour have only released these two screenshots so far. As such, the rest of the content in the new update is entirely unknown!

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