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Monster Energy Supercross 5 available for pre-order

Grab your helmet and get ready to fly, Monster Energy Supercross 5 pre-orders are now available!

The official game produced by bike experts Milestone is about to touch down across console & PC, and you can get some awesome extras with your pre-orders.

Standard Edition

As you would expect, the Standard Edition of the game includes the game and not much else, but you do get two packs.

These are "Customization Pack Ice Blizzard" and "Customization Pack Fire Storm". Both of these sound like they will be impressive packs to customise your rider and bike through your Supercross journey.

Special Edition

The Special Edition gets you everything the Standard Edition has to offer, plus a few more extras. You get a Season Pass which provides the following:

  • Multiplayer Credits
  • Legends Pack Vol. 1 & 2
  • US Open Track
  • Neon Pack
  • Allegiance Pack

You also get three days early access which will allow you to start playing from 14 March, 2022.


As you might expect, Monster Energy Supercross 5 is available on PS4 & PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC (via Steam).

MES5 2
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There is currently no date for any Nintendo Switch release.

New features

One of the most exciting new features coming to the game is the Rider Shape System. This will shape the way your career mode plays out by affecting your rider’s performance after falls or injuries.

This also adds the ability to train and complete specific tasks which will speed up recovery and have you in top form.

There is also the Future Academy for newcomers to the series, so anyone can play. The game also now comes with 2-stroke bikes which are available in all modes.

Monster Energy Supercross 5 screenshot
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Finally, we’ve got Rythm Section Editor and Compound. The Section Editor will allow players to mix and match pre-existing modules to design their own tracks.

Compound is the new open-world element of the latest Monster Energy Supercross game. You can race here with friends or solo, and there will be everything from new tracks to collectibles.

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