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Monster Truck Championship: Switch version now available!

We had the chance to play Monster Truck Championship last month, and we had a blast!

The game is super fun to play, and perfectly sums up the chaos of monster truck action.

Now, players on Nintendo Switch can enjoy the game as well, as the game completes its launch on the console.

Let's take a look at Monster Truck Championship and the Switch version now!

Nintendo Switch Version

The Switch version of the game has finally been announced.

The game was previously available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but this latest version of the game includes Nintendo Switch owners.

The beauty of the Switch version is that it is mobile.

That's right, owners of the game on Switch can enjoy the smashing action anywhere.

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Players will be able to play both offline and online, as well as freestyle and race modes.

Monster Truck Championship

If you've never played a monster truck game before, don't worry!

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CLOSE CALL: The action is close in the racing!

The game features a host of intuitive lessons to learn from, so picking up the basics is easy.

There are also a number of difficulty levels to pick from, so the AI in the game can be fine-tuned to you.

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Career progression is fun, as you start at the bottom and have to work your way to the top.

The racing itself is very fun as well, taking you from Slat Lake City to Las Vegas and more!

The trucks also feel heavy to the player, which is very fun to manage as you weave from corner to corner.

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A SMASHING TIME: The Trucks live up their name!

The AI are also suitable fun to race against, and they can make for tricky opponents.

Finally, the stadiums themselves are immense, and really give you a sense of the scale of these monsters!

Release date and price

The game is now available for all consoles, although next-gen consoles may lose some current-gen features.

The game is currently £34.99 on Steam, PSN and Xbox Store.

A small price to pay to be able top race some larger than life vehicles!

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