Project Cars 3: Bahrain Circuit, Style Pack Update & more!

Project Cars 3 is receiving yet another content boost in the form of Update 3.

This content will be exciting for F1 fans especially, as a new track makes it's way into the game.

Anyway, enough of us, let's take a look at what you'll receive in Update 3!

Bahrain International Circuit

As F1 heads to Sakhir for another race this weekend, PC3 is receiving a Bahrain based track also.

Sakhir GP
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NEW TRACKS: Bahrain is already host to (now two) F1 races!

As free extra content, it's awesome to see that the update will feature 4 layouts. The Grand Prix layout, Outer circuit, Paddock circuit and Oasis Circuit will all be added.

As such, this is a rather big update for the game, and Project Cars 3 fans should be rightfully excited about it's arrival.

Style Pack

As well as the Bahrain tracks, another paid DLC pack will also be available, as the second of four planned DLCs is released.

Project Cars 3 Style Pack
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STYLE PACK: The style pack could also be called the far too fast pack...

This is the Style Pack, and while we don't have an official announcement of what it contains, we think we know.

Users with early access have revealed that the cars will be a Ferrari SF90 Stradale, Hennessey Venom F5, and Lamborghini Sian.

The three cars are each something special. The Lamborghini is the company's first hybrid, the SF90 Stradale has almost 1000hp and the Venom may well beat 300 mph.

The pack will likely cost £7.99, although, those with the season pass can access the pack and it's contents for free.

Project Cars 3 Mclaren
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GET RACING: If you don't already, we recommend getting Project Cars 3!

As per usual, the update will also address some bugs and other issues in the game.

The update is available now for Xbox users, and will be available 11:00 UTC today for PC and PS4.

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