Project Cars 4: Game is said to be "The most realistic simulation ever made"!

Project Cars as a franchise has had a mixed history, especially in recent times.

Unfortunately, lots of people weren't a fan of the stripped-back gameplay of Project Cars 3.

Thankfully, it seems that Project Cars 4 is set to change all that for the better.

Project Cars 4

First of all, given the release of PC3 on August this year, don't expect anything too soon.

PC3 Cars 1
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PROJECT CARS 3: PC3 was released very recently, so don't expect PC4 soon!

The tweets laid out by the CEO Slightly Mad Studios, Ian Bell, hint towards a new engine.

This newly named Madness 2.0 coupled with Live Track 4 will supposedly create the most realistic simulation ever made.

The Tweets

All of this was discovered thanks to some tweets by Ian Bell himself, which have since been deleted.

This is where we first see the mention of the new engine, and even hints at ray-tracing capabilities.

PC4 Tweet
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TWEETS IN QUESTION: One of the tweets talks about some in-depth mechanics!

The realism doesn't stop there however. In his series of tweets he also mentions a technique called bump-mapping to reflect the surfaces on the edges of a track accurately.

Similarly, an aero model which would reflect in real-time on the surroundings, such as leaves being blown up off of the road and into cars behind etc.

It is very important to note that these tweet have since been deleted, so nothing is confirmed. Similarly, PC3's very recent release makes the existence of each of these features unrealistic for now.

However, it is very good to see SMS seeing fan feedback and responding to it with PC4.

Project Cars 3 Improvements

For most fans of the Project cars series, there are lots of improvements that can be made over Project Cars 3.

PC3 Cars
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DISAPPOINTED: Project Cars 3 was a bit of a flop!

The major one is the removal of pit stops in the game, which will no doubt return in PC4.

This rendered fuel and trye wear useless, two vital elements of a sim game.

In fact, tyre compounds changed whilst on track if it started to rain. After the poor response, we're certain we won't see this again!

It is also interesting to note the recent EA bid for Codemasters. This will mean that Slightly Mad Studios is then in effect owned by EA also.

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