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Ride 4: PS5 and Xbox Series X release, 4K, 60fps, free upgrade & more!

Ride 4 is now available across the world for users with a next-gen console.

This is a welcome upgrade for many players, as the increased visuals and faster loading times will make the game even more enjoyable.

So, let's take a look at what players should expect from this upgrade to next-gen consoles!

Ride 4 on Xbox Series X

The main difference that players will notice is the 4K gameplay which will now sit at a buttery smooth 60fps while playing.

Ride 4 PS5 1
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REALISM: Ride 4 is the Gran Turismo of bike games at the moment!

This should add to the realism of the game immensely. After all, Ride 4 does feature dynamic lighting, weather conditions, and even pit stops.

Furthermore, those with the Xbox One can also still download the game now thanks to Xbox's Smart Delivery feature. You should see some nice in-game performance boosts over the standard last-gen port of the game.

Ride 4 on PS5

For PS5 players there all of the bonuses seen above (apart from Smart Delivery). Similarly, both consoles now feature SSD's, so load times and waits between races are faster than ever.

Ride 4 PS5 2
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CLOSE RACING: Ride 4 can now feature up to 20 drivers on track at once!

Another bonus feature of the PS5 for ride is its controller, the PS5 DualSense.

This controller features advanced haptic feedback. This will allow you to get closer to the game than ever before, as you can feel vibrations, your accelerator and the brakes more so than ever!

Next-Gen release date

The game is available right now for those wishing to play it on next-gen, and even features a free upgrade for those who own it on current-gen.

Ride 4 PS5 3
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LEAD THE PACK: The game looks phenomenal on next-gen consoles!

Be warned however, as you can only obtain this free upgrade until April 30 2021, so don't forget to get it installed!

The game is amazing however, and frequently receives free and premium DLC as well as an awesome gameplay experience.

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