Thrustmaster tease more products, but when will they actually show us the goods?

Thrustmaster has been promising a lot and revealing little in recent times. We expected to see a direct drive wheel from them in 2021 but it never materialised.

This could have been down to supply issues and delays, but either way it was disappointing. Now they are showing off a feature and promising more, but without really showing their hand.

Quick release system

The tease was for a new "next gen quick release with lock". Taking to Twitter, Thrustmaster showed a locking system on the connector of a wheelbase that was shrouded in darkness.

This is presumably the upcoming direct drive base, but Thrustmaster is still holding its cards close to its chest.

thrustmaster quick release tease
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Why this is we're not really sure. Logitech wheels are flying off the shelf everywhere, Fanatec's GT DD Pro is a brilliant piece of kit and remarkably affordable for what it is.

Thrustmaster has the T248, but these teases aren't building much anticipation right now.

When will we hear more from Thrustmaster?

Their tease offered a date, 3 March, when we would get new info. What that is who knows, but hopefully it will be a full reveal of a new base and rim. Anything else will be disappointing.

Thrustmaster seems to be losing ground in the racing space, despite the excellent TMX/T150 entry-level wheels that they produce. We are hoping they lift the curtain on their latest product at the given date, but so far there is a lot of hype generation without much behind it.

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