WRC 9: Hotfix January 26 Patch Notes - General fixes, Xbox, PS5, Epic

Another patch for the amazing WRC 9 is here.

This time it is a hotfix for a few issues that have cropped up.

The update is now rolling out across all platforms, and has a different version number depending on your hardware.

General fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the timer could start before the car had crossed the starting line in several tracks.
  • Fixed a crash when a steering wheel without FFB were used.
  • Unnecessary tile tips from the option menu have been removed.
  • Fixed an issue where the application could crash while alternating between online events in the Home tab.
  • Fixed an out of the world respawn on the Cantera’s track (XION Rally Argentina).
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  • Corrected informative text in the Service Park and pre-race menu.
  • Fixed leaderboard related issue when playing in split-screen mode.
  • Fixed issue where it was impossible to switch between cars in spectator mode after the spectated player had finished the race.
  • Corrected various Japanese localization issues.
  • Fixed issue where the message "Press triangle to replace the punctured tire" could stay displayed in the test area.
  • Fixed an issue where the racer could disappear when spectating with the aerial camera.
  • Corrected wrong display of badges on the Driver Card.
  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to repair brakes or suspensions in the service park between two races.
  • Resolved a particles related crash.
  • Resolved a post process related crash.

Xbox Series X|S specific fixes

  • Vibration on steering wheel have been improved.

PlayStation 5 specific fixes

  • Fixed performance issues related to Fanatec wheels.
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