Wreckfest 1.8 Update: December patch to bring new map to all players

Wreckfest is one of the most entertaining and truly smashing racers out there.

THQ Nordic's amazing banger has a new Car pack available, but also an update that will bring a new track to the game.

Let's take a look.

Wreckfest Update 1.8

The update will add a new track, Eagles Peak Motorpark, as both a circuit race (forward and reverse) and a derby stadium.

It also adds several stability and gameplay improvements in the patch notes.

Update 1.8 Patch Notes

Let's see what is changing in the game.

The patch will improve the handling of front-wheel drive cars and correct the upshifting of the Firefly when using automatic gears.

Supervan suspension no longer glitches in hard collisions, while the Sofa Car will now receive damage correctly.

In multiplayer, Xbox One will no longer display UNKNOWN for vehicles on leaderboards, and the leaderboards themselves will display correctly in Custom Events.

Racing Heroes

The new DLC pack "Racing Heroes Car Pack" will bring three new cars to the game: Raven, Speedie, and Stellar. The pack will cost £3.29 / $3.99.

With it there is a new Tournament Season called Racing Heroes.

There's also a new racing themed reward bundle "Rockfield" for Boomer RS and a new racing themed reward bundle "BB Racing" for Nexus.

Buy Wreckfest

Not got it yet? You're missing out!

Wreckfest is currently available on PC (via Steam), PS4, and Xbox One. It's down to £14.99 on Amazon for console, and currently listed £41 on Steam, but with that you get all the season pass content too.

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