Wreckfest FREE for PS Now members - Smash your way to glory

Looking for a new racing game that doesn't take itself too seriously? Need to blow off some steam simply by creating twisted pieces of metal?

Well if you're a PS Now member you are in luck, as Wreckfest hits the subscription service in December.

Wreckfest is not your normal racer

Racing games have a habit of taking themselves rather seriously, and while the arcade side of the genre fixes some of that, no racer takes itself less seriously than Wreckfest.

Who crosses the line first hardly matters if the aim of the game is simply to smash into opponents until they stop moving.

Wreckfest puts you into the world of Demolition Derby, and while there are still laps, tracks, and chequered flags to take, you also need to upgrade your cars to make sure they can withstand the area of chaos that also awaits.

From classic American rides to motorised lawn mowers and even sofas, Wreckfest offers more non-racing fun than any racing game out there.

Solid arcade driver

That's not to say that Wreckfest doesn't let you drive. While arcade in its handling, it's still responsive and fun. You can really feel the weight of the cars and the toll all the impacts are taking.

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OUT OF THE WAY: Can't get alongside? Then go through!

When it comes to jump-in and drive games Wreckfest is right up there. But if you are expecting to take a turn around Spa or Suzuka you're out of luck. This game is full of dirt tracks in the woods, quarries, and the odd ribbon of tarmac in the middle of nowhere. It feels fresh thanks to these locations.

When can you get Wreckfest for free?

The game comes onto PS Now from TODAY!

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WORKING FROM HOME: It's never been more possible

Thankfully you have plenty of time to play, as it is on the platform until 31 May, 2021!

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