Wreckfest: New update gives 4K/60fps support on Xbox Series X

Sometimes you want to take a break from hotlapping GT3 cars or chasing down and F1 title and just smash things.

Which is why Wreckfest has been one of our favourite racing titles for a long time now.

And now the game can deliver ultra-crisp 4K at 60fps in th latest update.

Wreckfest update

Listed as PS4 1.94, Xbox 1.9.04, and PC 1.272579, this update is linked to the new Woodland Dash tournament.


It comes with a Hammerhead RS as a free reward car and some exploding barrels to keep things interesting!

"This time we're taking you back to Pinehills Raceway, and it's all about speed and skill. You'll be competing with the new smoking hot, race-prepped Hammerhead RS reward car in various racing and slalom events, all taking place on various Pinehills Raceway routes including even some brand new ones that the community has been asking for.

"And sure enough, everyone's favorite explosive barrels make a return too in the slalom events so watch out! And who knows, there might be a snowy surprise or two during the tournament too..."

Patch notes

As always there is a lot that will go into the content update, with fixes to the gameplay and multiplayer.

The big selling point for Xbox players is full support for 60fps/4K on Series X, along with 30fps/4K on Series S.


  • New Pinehills Raceway routes: Rally Circuit and Rally Circuit Reverse.(Server admins note: the internal designations for the routes are mixed3_r3 and mixed3_r3_rev)


  • New tournament season: Woodland Dash.
  • New free tournament reward car: Hammerhead RS.
  • (XB1) Tournament updates are now more reliable.
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GET WRECKED: There's nothing like the crunch of metal


  • (XB1) Added Xbox Series X/S detection: 60fps/4K on Series X, 30fps/4K on Series S.
  • (XB1) Fixed a case in which the game crashed when entering a career series or in one of the preceding career screens.
  • (XB1) Improved profile handling reliability.


  • (XB1/PS4) Improved server performance under heavy loads and resilience to errors, added better error logging capabilities.
  • (XB1) The client region is now automatically changed when receiving an invitation from another region.
  • (XB1) The game no longer crashes when receiving an invite when matchmaking is already in progress.


  • It's no longer possible to accidentally start a "Last Man Standing" event with 0 opponents (causing the event to end immediately).
  • Parented non-deforming panels now correctly follow translations, fixing an issue which made some visual parts drift away from the vehicle.
  • In Custom Event and Server Options event selection, events are now sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Venom and Gorbie AI Players now correctly appear in Class A Custom Events.
  • Improved Gorbie Class B AI Player assembly.
  • Improved Blade and Gorbie AI Player performance.
  • Improved Blade performance to make it more competitive.
  • Improved Little Thrasher suspension so that it no longer rolls over as easily.
  • Added performance upgrades for Step Van.
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A COMFORTABLE CRUISE: Who doesn't enjoy taking their sofa out for a drive?
  • Added tuning parts for Step Van.
  • Step Van can now withstand more damage.
  • Improved Step Van visual damage.
  • Improved WarDigger visual damage.
  • Fixed glitches with Nexus RX "BB Racing" tournament bundle panels.
  • Fixed Blade side headers glitch.
  • Fixed Gorbie fender UVs and missing LOD3 fender.
  • Fixed Gorbie LOD hood pivots and exhaust pipe mesh conflict with upright back pipes.
  • Fixed a number of issues with Bullet LOD assets.
  • Fixed Stepvan roof light damage.
  • Fixed Blade spoiler clipping with upright back pipes.
  • Fixed Rocket brake caliper clipping with "Wave" rims.
  • Fixed Outlaw "Hurricane" tire glitch.
  • Fixed Razor brake light glitch.
  • Removed painted panels from the default Starbest SS paint.
  • Improved Rebelrat brake lights.
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