It's time for The W Series to be added to Formula One games

A recent BBC article confirmed that The W Series would be making it's way to the British GP.

The W Series is the definitive female-only championship.

Here's why we think it's time Codemasters caught up and added it into the game.

The W Series

As aforementioned, the series itself is a female-only formula racing series, featuring some of the best female drivers from around the globe.

Jamie Chadwick, one of Britain's very own, won the championship in its inaugural year in 2019.

F2 2020 1
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NEW ADDITIONS: Formula 2's addition has been nothing short of a raging success

Unfortunately, due to complications caused by coronavirus, the team behind the Series had to cut short this year's championship.

The organisers of the Series had planned further races for Mexico and the US this year, but later cancelled them.

The organisers have thankfully reinstated the championship for next year, with 8 races on the calendar.

These are France, Austria, UK, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands, USA and Mexico.

With a full calendar back on the cards next year, hopefully we see the series get the attention it deserves!

More Representation

For young aspiring female racing drivers, there are few role models in conventional media.

So, for those looking to make their way up from karting all the way to the dizzying heights of a professional driver, the path is unclear.

F1 2020 Classic Cars
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CLASSICS: Classic F1 has been in the game for a while!

The integration of The W Series into F1 games would inevitably inspire a new generation of racers.

With The W Series' mission being to "inspire girls and women everywhere", we can't see how its inclusion in the game could hurt!

More Content

For those who are bored of driving the same F1 campaign over and over, and have even completed My Team and F2, there aren't many options.

Some of these players aren't fans of multiplayer thanks to Turn 1 mishaps and aggressive drivers.

Instead, imagine if there was yet more content for players to enjoy? Sounds good to us!

Formula 2's lead

Codemasters first put Formula 2 in the game in F1 2019.

F2 2020
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FORMULA 2: The addition of this helped the game grow beyond F1

Now, the mode is a tremendous success, featuring again in F1 2020 and with its own updates.

It has exposed many to the up and comers in the Formula racing scene, and given many drivers increased exposure also.

We can't see a reason why the Series couldn't have the same effect for The W Series!

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