F1 2022 could be unrecognisable as Take-Two acquire Codemasters

The latest news in the racing games world shows that Take-Two Interactive has acquired Codemasters.

Many fans will be wondering where does this leave our beloved Formula One games.

Well, at RacingGames.gg we think this could be a good thing.

Let us tell you why right now!

F1 2021 should be unaffected

In the short term, it is unlikely that much will change.

F1 2020 Australia Setup TN 1
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VISUALS: The graphics will inevitably see another upgrade

So this means that for games such as F1 2021, it is likely that we won't notice a big difference.

Of course the introduction screen may be slightly different, but the mechanics and so on will retain the true Codies feel.

As the deal will likely only complete early next year, nothing will have changed yet!

F1 2022 could be wildly different

However, it is with F1 2022 that things could really start to change.

The 2022 season of Formula One will see the introduction of new regulations concerning cars.

OUT WITH THE OLD: This dominant Mercedes will be gone by 2022
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OUT WITH THE OLD: This dominant Mercedes will be gone by 2022

Designed to encourage more overtaking, the cars will go through a massive overhaul.

As such, the game will have to change to reflect this new style, and in our opinion, for the better!

F1 2022 could be the first unrecognisable Formula One game for fans, as these new rules take effect.

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It will also be the first F1 title to be produced from start to finish by Codemasters under Take Two.

The increased budget and studio support will inevitably result in a phenomenal game.

Expect unrivalled graphics and some genre-bending features, maybe a Paddock Mode akin to the Neighborhood from NBA 2K?

Will NBA 2K influence F1?

The Codemasters F1 series has been on a huge upward trajectory for a few years now.

The handling has improved, the AI racing has taken a big step forward, and of course the introduction of My Team was a real game-changer.

Of course, the addition of Podium Pass, and with it micro-transactions, has caused some ripples.

This is also one of the biggest parts of NBA 2K and their MyTeam (Ultimate Team) game mode. While F1 fans would love the addition of more historic content that Ultimate Team modes tend to add, these modes are under a microscope across Europe.

That integration could really swing how F1 2022 is recieved.

The Acquisition

Take-Two Interactive are expected to complete the purchase of Codemasters early next year.

f1 2020 red bull
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NEW OWNERS: A move to Take-Two will have big implications for the game

The plan still needs to go through shareholder approval, but that will likely pass.

The acquisition leaves the UK-based company as part of the massive Take-Two Interactive label.

No matter what, with this new acquisition, the future of F1 games is bright!

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