Formula E: The all-electric series needs its own official game

The 2021 Formula E season has been a dramatic rollercoaster, full of outstanding racing and physicality not seen since the height of the BTCC.

Despite the opening round of the 2021 season in Chile being postponed, Formula E has put together a great calendar and even showed that overtaking was possible around Monaco.

Having just completed a sensational double-race weekend in London and with one round left in a tight championship battle, gamers are left scratching their heads at how they can get involved.

Which is why it's time someone made a standalone game for it.

The current state of Formula E gaming

It's not that hard to jump into a Formula E car in the virtual world, even though the series doesn't have its own console game.

There is a Formula E DLC pack for the awesome rFactor 2 that features the Gen2 cars, you can jump into the electric cars in Forza Motorsport 7, which is still available on Xbox Game Pass. Motorsport Manager Online even includes it.

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FIRST DRAFT: The Gen1 Formula E cars are far from beautiful

However, nowhere can you start a Formula E career and take on the tricky circuits or battery management and drive your way to a championship.

While the F1 2021 was the highest-selling title in the UK last week, fans that want to take on Antonio Felix da Costa, Sam Bird, and Nyck De Vries are unable to do so.

The likeliest candidates

British racing developers Codemasters are picking up licenses and going from strength to strength right now.

With the addition of Formula 2 to the F1 games being a huge success, they could certainly pick up the Formula E license and create a standalone game for it.

How that might interfere with their F1 agreement who knows, but Codies would certainly be the frontrunners to create a big Formula E game.

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LEARN THE ROPES: Having a game that replicates the series is a great way to make new fans

Another option is KT Racing. The french studio currently makes the awesome WRC series and TT Isle of Man games. They are not afraid to create realistic and challenging racing titles out of "lesser" licenses.

Both companies could make a stellar game, and market it directly to their already strong audiences for racing games.

Following EA's buy-out of Codemasters, they would appear to be in pole position to make a Formula E title for every platform.

With features like My Team capable of being carried over to any racing series and a bunch of manufacturers like Audi, Porsche, and Nissan in the series it could do wonders for everyone.

Learn by doing

Having a standalone game would almost certainly result in the Formula E cars disappearing from other titles. No more inclusion on Forza, no future rFactor updates.

That would potentially limit the audience initially, especially if the game were to be a full £60/$70 title. However, having a full championship simulator game would let people learn about the series and all its unique rules and regulations.

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The series istelf is tailor-made for a game. Mechanics such as Fan Boost and Attack Mode add wrinkles that gamers are familiar with. Thanks to the next-gen capabilities of the PS5 and Xbox Series X it could end up being a superb time to enter the gaming world with a standalone game.

With the third generation of cars coming in 2022 and manufacturers like Audi, Jaguar, Nissan, Porsche, and Mercedes already on board, the time is now to strike a deal and engage the broader gaming world with a stand-alone game that can champion Formula E and its forward-thinking ethos.

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