Hotshot Racing proves that arcade racers are back

Hotshot Racing is bringing back the good old days!

The new generation of racing fans doesn’t know the feeling of sinking countless 20ps and 50ps into arcade machines. Throughout the 90s and early 2000s, arcade racers helped bring back the nostalgic feel of arcades by introducing us to whacky titles such as crazy taxi and Daytona USA.

Sacrificing realism for fun, arcade racers were a smash hit for more than a decade. However, due to better graphics and competitive gaming gaining popularity recently, they are unfortunately suffering a slow death. Games like iRacing and f1 2021 are what bring the money in nowadays. Hotshot Racing, however, can change this.

Here is why we think it could cause a revival for arcade racers.

It feels like you're in the 90s

First and foremost, hotshot racing is fun. If you have ever enjoyed an arcade racing game, you'll easily find something enjoyable in Hotshot Racing. From over-the-top voiceovers dictating everything you do with scary accuracy to colourful backdrops and varying weather. Hotshot Racing belongs in an arcade.

Hotshot racing
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Whacky fun: Hotshot Racing is pure arcade fun

For many people, the joy comes from the retro references scattered throughout. From nostalgic Ferris wheels to different animals hanging over the tracks, there are many throwbacks to the era of arcade racers. During this era, there wasn't a day where a new form of racing games was coming out. whacky graphics and insane power-ups were all the rage.

with the buzz these days being about sim racing and open-world titles like Grand Theft Auto, it's nice to have an arcade racer back in the spotlight. Hotshot Racing takes this formula and delivers it tenfold. Everything about it screams the 90s. It's simple, unadulterated fun and a game that anyone can enjoy. If you miss the casual side of racing games, then download it now. You have to try it out.

Suprisingly smooth controls

A surprising feature of Hotshot Racing is its remarkably smooth gameplay. From the way, the cars effortlessly drift around corners to the boost mechanics. It feels like an ode to classic racing controls. Hotshot Racing combines retro gameplay with modern driving like no other, and it doesn't stop there.

hotshot racing
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Classic: Effortlessly drift around corners in this smooth racer

With a clear emphasis on drifting and boosting, Hotshot Racing is an arcade racer through and through. It may take a few minutes to master, but when you do, you'll be leaving the other racers in your dust. A tap of the button is all it takes to activate the boost, and when you are at full throttle, there is no going back. You will not want to stop speeding around the tracks.

With constant updates and new content, the game remains fresh and bug-free as it gains popularity.

Various game modes and tracks

like with any arcade classic, Hotshot Racing delivers on having a variety of entertaining games modes for us to enjoy. from the classic Cops Versus Robbers, or the exhilarating Drive Or Explode, where you have to keep your car above a certain speed or explode. This title never gets boring. you can choose to play locally or online with friends so the fun never stops.

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Cops vs robbers: this fun split-screen mode keeps the game fresh

Arcade racing is the default game mode, but even that doesn't get stale. With various Grands Prix to enter and a wide range of characters to choose from, Hotshot Racing has brilliant customisation. Do you want to be an energetic Jamaican man? or maybe a shy yet tough woman. There is something for everyone.

The variety of the tracks are what make this game special, however. During each Grand Prix, you'll come across four unique maps, each having different weather and difficulty. From the dirt-covered roads of Temple Drive to the snowy terrain of Fossil Cave. Each track gives you a completely different driving experience. Hotshot Racing is fun for everyone, and with it being on the Xbox Game Pass, it's easily accessible for even the most sceptical of players.

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