If Sony is serious about taking exclusives to PC they need to start with Gran Turismo 4

Sony has recently announced that they're going to be release another host of games on PC.

These previously exclusive titles have been making the move to PC, such as Horizon Zero Dawn, and so Sony is repeating the process.

So, as such fans of racing games, we're here to make a case for a reliable 'friend' of ours. Good ol' Gran Turismo 4.

Gran Turismo 4

This title is undoubtedly our favourite thus far in the franchise. That may have something to do with the nostalgia that we associate with the game, but hear us out.

GT4 graphics
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VISUALS: The game was well ahead of its time for graphics!

The game was an incredible visual addition to the PlayStation 2, and really stood out amongst its competitors. To us, especially at the time, parts of the game were truly realistic.

The career mode is also the perfect mix of challenging and rewarding. At the start of the game you're chucked in with 10,000 credits and some races to get started in.

We won't dive into it all too much right now, but we really think of Gran Turismo 4 as one of the defining racing games of the 2000s.

Gran Turismo 4 on PC

The game, inevitably, is already available on PC through whichever emulator you would like to use.

GT4 2
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RACING: The racing in the game was also phenomenal!

However, for us, we'd love to see an official PC port of the game. Effectively a remaster, but with that original career for us to replay. Sounds good to us.

The game would also have a more populated multiplayer (potentially) which, given the game initially launched on PS2, would be awesome to see.

Will it happen?

More than likely, this won't happen. The games that have been ported across are almost exclusively relatively modern titles.

GT4 1
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PROGRESSION: The game had a sensible way to progress through the career mode!

Sony themselves can't request that the developers remaster a game, which would have to happen in order for a PS2 title to make its way to PC.

So, not only would we require a remaster, we would also need Polyphony Digital and Sony to avoid porting their most recent title, GT Sport, to PC first.

That being said, it could be possible for GT Sport to join the PC gaming ranks. However, our dream would Gran Turismo 4... Even though we know it's not going to happen!

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