The Formula: A reminder that we still need a good getaway driver game

It has been nearly 20 years since The Getaway arrived on PS2.

This"GTA London" style game was an immeidate buy for UK-based GTA fans, but fell a little short of expectations.

However, Netflix is set to launch a film called The Formula, based around an ex-F1 driver turned getaway driver. It's a reminder that the racing game genre is still crying out for content like this.

GTA, but without the shooting

Grand Theft Auto will always be the king of the heist-and-drive style game. However, with the monstrous success of GTA Online seemingly stagnating the franchise, there is scope for someone else to craft a well-written story around a racer that has to enter the criminal world.

The getaway
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LONDON LAD: The Getaway was solid for its time, but we still want more

"But what about Need For Speed!?" I hear you cry.

While most NFS titles include things like escaping the police, they don't involve any sort of non-racing story and focus on buy and upgrading cars so you can win the next race.

I need the money

Ever since motorsport started it has been a sport that requires a lot of money to participate in. From billionaire fathers to nationally sponsored drivers, Formula 1 has plenty of drivers that have paid their way into the sport.

So why not a driver that has to fund their rise through the ranks by being a wheelman for bank robbers?

forza mugello
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FROM THE PODIUM TO PRISON: If your racing career depended on crime it would add some spice to games

Imagine a game where you go from racing sports cars at Mugello with the sim levels of a Forza or Gran Turismo to being the getaway driver for an East London gang of bank robbers in a NFS or GTA style.

If your next drive depends on the income from a successful getaway, then drifting through city streets and dodging police becomes far more important than just completing a level.

That's a game that everyone can get behind!

The Formula

The Formula will follow a Formula One racing prodigy who is forced to become a getaway driver to save the only family he has left.

F1 2020 TC TN
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DRIVE TO SURVIVE: Quite literally...

It's sure to be a must-watch for any racing fan, while the cast is certainly an eye-catcher too.

John Boyega will reportedly star as the racing prodigy, while Robert De Niro’s role is still undisclosed. Written and directed by Gerard McMurray for Netflix it could be a real winner.

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