Trackmania is the most fun you can have whilst wanting to chuck your PC in the bin!

Trackmania is a brilliant arcade racer that is as annoying as it is fun in our eyes.

However, it's the element of frustration behind the game that makes it so enjoyable.

So, let us take you through why we believe the game would be no way near as fun if it weren't so frustrating!

A Trackmania breakdown

We all know about the Trackmania we have grown to love. The game truly makes you want to pull you hair out!

Trackmania Op 1
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TRACK TIME: The game is an absolute stunner as well!

For those that don't know, essentially, Trackmania is an Arcade racer with Formula One-esque vehicles.

With some very fun game mechanics and a huge variety of tracks, it's easy to see why the game has become so popular!

Add in the fact that it's played by many and is easily accessible because you don't need a wheel, and the game is on to a winner!

The frustration builds

Now, we're going to take a look at the frustrating side of Trackmania, a side many games have. However, Trackmania takes the crown.

Trackmania Op 2
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GOTTA GO FAST: It's hard to go fast on Trackmania!

The key game mechanics are simple enough. Drifting and so on are easy enough to learn, but nigh on impossible to master.

Drift ever so slightly too far and you'll end up facing the wrong way or clipping a wall, costing you precious seconds. It is, however, a welcome change for tricks and drifting to be encouraged rather than punished.

Likewise, turn ever so slightly just before shifting up and you'll once again lose out on precious time. Anyway, you get the idea...

Frustration = Fun

However, despite our ramblings about the various parts of the game that annoy us, we love it still.

Trackmania Op 3
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VARIETY: There are a mass of tracks for players to try out!

It's an incredibly welcome break from some of the out and out sim racers that we sink hours into. And sometimes, it's a break that we need.

The frustrating element of the game just makes us want to get better, and helps make the game more enjoyable as we strive to master the same corner. Think Flappy Bird... but with cars and a track instead!

As players who love spending entire evenings trying to shave a tenth off of a lap time, we're more than ready for a couple more evenings spent mastering Trackmania.

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