Wipeout 2097 needs a PS5 remaster and here's why

We all love a good arcade racer, because they're so fun to play. While racing simulators are realistic, arcade games can distort reality and provide enticing escapism.

Over the years, there have been some incredible arcade titles, but little have been better than Wipeout 2097. While some titles have had multiple sequels created and are still going strong today, Wipeout 2097 has all but disappeared from consoles.

So, what happened? Where has Wipeout gone and are we likely to see a sequel or remaster anytime soon? Here's what we know!

The incredible original

Wipeout 2097 (also known as Wipeout XL in Japan and North America) is generally accepted to be one of the best games of the original PlayStation era. Released in 1996, Wipeout captivated gamers with incredible speed, challenging races and, of course, the weapons available to you.

wipeout 2097
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ADDICTIVELY FUN: Wipeout 2097's gameplay just didn't get old

Wipeout 2097's weapons likely took some inspiration from Mario Kart, but developers Psygnosis really built upon this concept. For example, one of the favourites in your arsenal was the Quake Disruptor, which sent your opponents up in the air before crashing down and causing them all damage.WATCH BELOW


Tactics definitely came into play here, as you could choose to repair the damage to your craft in the pits each lap. However, this would cost you vital seconds, so you really have to think on your feet during races.

2097 was such a massive success that it was ported to other consoles as well. The SEGA Saturn, PC and Nintendo 64 all got their own versions in the following years as well, but it's the PlayStation where we remember it the most fondly.

What happened to Wipeout?

Contrary to what most gamers will tell you, Wipeout didn't wipe out after 2097. The series continued through the early 2000s, with Wipeout 3 and Wipeout Fusion, the latter being on the PS2. Both of these games were loved by both fans and critics, so what went wrong?

Wipeout fusion
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THE GOOD TIMES KEEP GOING: Fusion kept the series going in the right direction

Well, the final new Wipeout game to date, Wipeout 2048, was released in 2012 for the PS Vita. Like the portable console itself, this Wipeout title was a flop, but not because it was a bad game. Long loading times crippled the experience, but from a technical standpoint, the gameplay and track design were top-notch.

This was almost ten years ago now, but what about a remaster of the original games? Well, it might surprise you to find out this has already happened.

We've already had a remaster!

There have been two HD remasters of the Wipeout games, but both weren't truly what we were looking for. Wipeout HD on the PS3 was an unscaled remaster of Wipeout Pure and Wipeout Pulse, both PSP games. The Wipeout Omega Collection is to date, the newest Wipeout game and was released for the PS4 in 2017.

Wipeout omega collection
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GLORIOUS: Wipeout looks incredible on the HD consoles of the PS3 and 4

The Omega Collection was a true remaster, as it included a remaster of Wipeout 2048 as well as a re-remaster of Wipeout HD.

But still, after all of this, there hasn't been a remaster of 2097! If Sony could create a ground-up remaster of 2097, the original Wipeout and Fusion, it would be extremely popular.

Wipeout is a racing series that is both extremely entertaining while also rewarding the skills of the best racers. A 4K 60 fps remaster of the original PS1 classic is something that everybody who played the title would love to see.

If we are to get a remaster though, it will have to be through a different studio. Towards the end of Wipeout's life, developers Psygnosis morphed into Sony Computer Entertainment Liverpool. Unfortunately, SCE Liverpool shut its doors in 2012, shortly after Wipeout 2048's release.

Sony will have noted the success and popularity of other ground-up remasters though, like the Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy. This will also help soften the blow of not having PS5's readily available for all those who want to buy the new system, which may continue until 2023, according to some reports.

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