You can't buy your way to the top!

Sim racing is an expensive hobby. In fact, as far as lockdown is concerned, it's probably one of the most expensive you can choose.

However, there is a general belief going around that you need the best equipment to compete.

Well, we don't completely agree, and here's why!

The driver stays the same

One of the reasons we feel this way is that regardless of the equipment you're using, you'll likely still drive in the same way.

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FULL GRIDS: Games like ACC have awesome offline modes as well!

Before rushing out to get the most expensive sim gear you can find, make sure it's something you enjoy. After all, first and foremost, it has to be something you like doing!

Next, make sure you're ready for the jump up to full force feedback or whatever your choice is. If you're still struggling with your entry level wheel, don't upgrade yet!

Finally, it's important to remember that not all sim-racers have a triple monitor or VR setup hooked up to an awesome PC. For those still racing on a console, we'd recommend saving up for a PC first so you can discover the wonders of FOV and higher refresh rates!

Consistency above all else

One of the major reasons for upgrading would be if your hardware was genuinely holding you back.

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RACE CONSISTENCY: If you're lapping well and frequently, it may be time to upgrade...

For example, if your lap times have peaked on every track, and you're successfully replicating that lap frequently, it may be time for an upgrade.

However, if you're still struggling to piece 12 clean laps together at Monza on you G29, chances are a Fanatec CSL Elite setup won't help...

The grass isn't always greener

On a few rare occasions, people struggle more when upgrading their sim rig.

GT Sport Opinion
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FUN TIMES: You don't need an expensive rig for GT Sport with your mates!

If you're simply racing for fun offline and don't wish to compete at a high level, you may struggle more with an all singing all dancing setup.

For many hobbyists, a nice entry-level setup is the perfect sweet spot to get maximum enjoyment out of the sim experience.

To put it succinctly, if all you want to do is race your mates on GT Sport, you don't need a £600 wheel setup. However, as you put more time into the hobby and start wanting to compete, that's when we suggest investing in better equipment!

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