Rennsport 2024 Roadmap Reveals Early Access Release Window

Rennsport 2024 roadmap

Rennsport 2024 roadmap

After a long period of silence, Rennsport has announced its 2024 roadmap, and it’s looking like good news for fans of the new racing title. Developer Competition Company has been quiet in recent months, but the announcement confirms when we'll get to play Rennsport.

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Rennsport is the newest member of the sim racing grid. Borrowing its name from the German term for ‘motor racing’, the sim title aims to offer one of the best sim racing experiences on the market.

Rennsport 2024 roadmap
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Originally announced in April 2022, Rennsport hasn’t had the smoothest start to the race. Multiple delays have pushed the game back multiple times, with allegations of the game’s code being borrowed from rFactor 2 also causing additional complications.

2024 appears to be the year of Rennsport, however, with the game’s 2024 roadmap revealed.

Rennsport 2024 roadmap promises early access

In the first episode of the new ‘Radio Check’ video series, Rennsport has revealed its full 2024 roadmap. Players waiting to get behind the wheel of their favourite GT3 car can start planning their race strategy, as the roadmap promises a full early access release for the game.

Rennsport 2024 roadmap
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The roadmap is split into quarters, with each quarter adding new features to the game. First up is Q1, labelled as Time Trial.

Alongside the time trial itself, Q1 will see the Porsche Mission R join the car list, along with a new track with the Goodwood Hill Climb and a day/night cycle all coming to the game. The Time Trial features are all due to land on 27 March in Rennsport.

Next up is Q2’s Progression. The release date is yet to be confirmed, but Progression will add new tracks and cars, with new car class included, and a new online ranking system to Rennsport.

Rennsport CEO Morris Hebecker confirmed one of the new cars will be a McLaren, not a lot has been confirmed about the Progression update besides that.

Rennsport 2024 roadmap
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Q3 is by far the most exciting section of the 2024 roadmap. Named Early Access, this will bring the full game into early access. Finally, players can strap on their racing suit and hit the track in Rennsport after a two-year wait.

2024 wraps up with Q4’s Endurance. This adds multi-class racing, pit stops, and all other aspects of endurance racing to Rennsport. Both Q3 and Q4 have unconfirmed release dates, but this will be end 2024 with a bang for Rennsport.

Are you happy to see Rennsport finally get a confirmed early access window? Let us know in the comments below!

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