Rennsport Beta 1.8.5 Adds Fuji Speedway and Two New Cars

Rennsport Beta 1.8.5 Adds Fuji Speedway and Two New Cars

Rennsport Beta 1.8.5 Adds Fuji Speedway and Two New Cars

It's been pretty quiet in the world of Rennsport, but that’s all changed now with the release of the Beta 1.8.5 patch. With a new track and two new cars available to drive as part of the update, Beta 1.8.5 also adds new features along with improving the existing experience.

Let’s take a look at what’s new in the Rennsport Beta 1.8.5 patch.

Fuji Speedway added

The world-renowned Fuji Speedway has arrived in Rennsport's track list as part of Beta 1.8.5. Nestled in the foothills of the stunning Mount Fuji itself, Fuji Speedway boasts one of the longest straights in motorsport.

Fuji Speedway in Rennsport beta 1.8.5
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The circuit has also previously hosted the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix. The most recent F1 race took place in 2008 before the Japanese Grand Prix returned to Suzuka.

The Grand Prix configuration of Fuji Speedway is available to drive in Rennsport. Racers can take advantage of the 0.9 mi (1.4 km) main straight to pull off some epic overtakes in the heat of the race.

New wheels

Two new cars are also included in Rennsport’s Beta 1.8.5. Both the Porsche 963 and the BMW M Hybrid V8 are now available to take to the track.

The Porsche 963 is an endurance hypercar designed to compete in the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC). Powered by a V8 twin-turbocharged engine and supplemented by a 50 kW electric motor, the 963 is a racing beast out on track.

Rennsport beta 1.8.5 Porsche 963
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The BMW M Hybrid V8, as the name suggests, is also powered by a V8 engine. This is also twin-turbocharged and is also backed up by a 50 kW motor. Combined, this creates a power output of 671 hp.

The M Hybrid V8 will be making its debut in the WEC in 2024, while the Porsche will be competing in its second season. Both are perfect additions to Rennsport, especially when taking on Fuji Speedway.

Rennsport beta 1.8.5 BMW M Hybrid V8
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New features

Pitstops mechanics have arrived in Rennsport as part of Beta 1.8.5. Now racers can head into the pits for a tyre change or refuel, increasing the immersion in every race.

At the time of writing, no pit crew or animations will appear in the game. These have been promised for a future update, but it’s still encouraging to see the foundations in place in Beta 1.8.5.

Multi-class race mechanics and a safety car on rolling starts have also been added. These are small additions, but together, they boost the realism of the racing simulator.

Rennsport Beta 1.8.5 patch notes

Beta 1.8.5 also brings several game improvements and bug fixes. Players can find the full Rennsport Beta 1.8.5 patch notes below:


  • Implemented new suspension animation system for better visual experience of car suspension workings
  • Changed DLSS preset settings to reduce problems with “ghosting” behind cars when moving fast


  • Improved rolling start logic


  • Implemented electric motor sounds logic


  • Implemented damaged parts replication and improved overall damage system


  • Implemented relative track positions table on in-game UI
  • Implemented rolling start radar
  • Implemented per-class game summary screen
  • Added tire wear to game HUD
  • Adjusted fuel remaining display to show how many laps player has left before running out of fuel
  • Added damage status to in-game HUD
  • Improved experience when binding controls in the input settings screen

New day-night system Updated

  • Road Atlanta
  • Fuji Speedway
  • More tracks getting the night time treatment in a future update.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem with Fanatec wheels sometimes not being recognized correctly by the game
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  • Fixed issue with first flying lap sometimes being invalidated for players for no reason
  • Fixed bug with players receiving pit speed limit penalty just after exiting pit lane
  • Fixed some crashes occurring when scrubbing replays
  • Fixed some problems with day/night system giving random light changes when joining a server
  • Fixed some problems with engine / ignition sounds
  • Fixed potential crashes occurring by incorrect drafting-related structures initialization in physics engine
  • Fixed problem with time trials sometimes giving black flag penalty when they shouldn’t
  • Fixed issue with game giving more incident points than a max value allowed in contest settings
  • Fixed issue with lap times sometimes showing last 2 fractional digits instead of first 2 instead
  • Fixed bug with players receiving DSQ when standing in pit garage at night

Known Issues

  • Using Vulkan can cause the game to crash
  • Nvidia Reflex can cause stuttering. Recommendation is to disable it for now
  • Potential client crash related to DirectX12
  • Curb sounds can disappear after pit stops
  • Replays can crash when scrolling through longer replays
  • Time Trial delta is only shown when PB is set
  • Ghost car does not move in Time Trial Replays
  • In online races, if a car crashes at very high speeds into a wall, it can cause a mini-freeze for all connected clients
  • Getting a black flag in Time Trial will soft lock the player. You have to leave the Time Trial and go back to the Main Menu
  • Updating your profile name will not update your name in any Time Trial leaderboards unless a faster time is set with the new name
  • EV has wrong TC sound, fix in future patch

What do you think of Rennsport's Beta 1.8.5 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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