Rennsport Closed Beta Update Adds New Car, Track and Damage Model

Rennsport Closed Beta Update Adds New Car, Track and Damage Model

Rennsport Closed Beta Update Adds New Car, Track and Damage Model

The first major update to the Rennsport closed beta will see the addition of a new car, track and even a damage model.

This update aims to add to the realism of the game, with new sounds, animations, and other features. Let’s take a look at what’s coming to Rennsport.

Rennsport gets first closed-beta update

The highlight of the update is undoubtedly the addition of the Praga R1. Known for its blistering speed and flawless design, the R1 will be a great addition to the already exciting vehicle roster.

As well as the R1, Rennsport is also seeing the introduction of a new track. Named 8ETA, this figure-of-eight track has been designed to test the tyre model of the game. The name and shape of the circuit are derived from the ‘8 Beta Keys’ community meme that circulated when the game first entered beta.

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With a new circuit to drive and a new car to drive it in, Rennsport's closed beta update Rennsport is already looking promising. However, there’s a whole lot more coming.

Damage model comes to Rennsport

Damage V1 is being added to Rennsport as part of the update. This is the first version of the damage model planned for the final game. Now players will experience the consequences of their actions when racing, especially when getting too close to other cars on the track.

A new cut detection system is also being implemented, increasing fair competition by monitoring track limit breaches. This will hopefully prevent any recreations of this year’s Austrian Grand Prix.

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There are also new tyre animations, vehicle sounds, and algorithm adjustments coming as part of the update, enhancing the experience for all players. All these features improve upon the realism aspect of the game, making Rennsport one of the most realistic racing games available.

You can see the full list of features coming to the update below:

  • Praga R1 added
  • New 8ETA track added
  • Damage V1 damage model introduced
  • New tyre rotation animation
  • Improved cut detection
  • Improved sound for the BMW M4 GT3, the Porsche GT3 R (992) and curb riding
  • Improved car movement algorithm

With over 10 thousand players now having access to the game, developers Competition Company have plenty of community feedback to help improve these features before full release.

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