Drive Buy Review: The arcade vehicle combat game that delivers it all

I recently had the chance to give Drive Buy a go following its launch on 31 March for Steam and Switch.

The game is an absolute blast, with arcade-style vehicle combat meeting delivery driver objectives as you rush around the various maps.

So, let's take a closer look at Drive Buy, and you can decide whether or not the chaos is for you!


The game's main selling-point is fast, frenetic action of the various gamemodes, but we'll get into those later.

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GET PLAYING: The gameplay is fast and frantic!

The gameplay itself sees you and three other players (either real players or AI) racing to complete various objectives. The vehicles handle well, and mimic their appearance.

For example, a van can hold more parcels, but is a bit more of a handful to drive, whereas a a sleek sports car handles far better, but can't hold as many parcels.

It's an awesome way of balancing the vehicles, and helps the game stand out above other arcade titles.


The game features three modes, with each boasting different reasons to play. The main 'delivery' mode is none other than Delivery Battle, which does pretty much what it says on the tin. The mode is tense until the last minute, with players delivering parcels and the lead constantly changing.

Next we have Piggy Bank. This sees players racing for a huge piggy bank, and collecting money when they do so. The first to 1,000 wins! However, in a twist of fate, you can't use weapons when you're holding the piggy bank... You're gonna need some serious evasion skills!

Finally, there's Payday. This is the simplest mode, with players simply having to race around the map collecting coins and stealing them from others.


Having balanced in-game weapons is vital for an arcade title like this. Mario Kart is a brilliant example, with a plethora of different in-game items encouraging various ways to play.

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TIME TO DODGE: Missiles can be a handful, so make sure you're alert!

Thankfully, the same is true for Drive Buy. From mines which you can drop to missiles and magnets, the game's items suit the gameplay perfectly.

None of them make a player invincible, and many of them have a counter which can be mastered by the players. Our favourite is probably the magnet... Nothing like yoinking someone's hard earnt coins!


This has to be one of the standout features of Drive Buy, and let me explain why.

When in-game, much of the tense, close-action comes from the music, which changes as the score and time in the game progresses.

I often found myself furiously shaking my legs as I boosted from one side of the map to the other, myself and second place switching place seemingly every second.

Add in the various sound effects for the vehicles and items, and it creates a sound scape the perfectly suits the arcade-style vehicle combat game the developers have created!


Drive Buy is a great looking game, with various ways to customise your vehicles and a number of maps also.

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NIGHT TIME RACING: The game looks amazing on PC and Switch!

For those on PC, there are multiple ways to adjust the video settings, although there have been reports of some frame drops on Switch.

However, these are few and far between, and we're certain future software updates will improve this for those playing on Switch!

Our verdict

Drive Buy is an awesome game to pick up and play, with the various elements of gameplay complimenting each other perfectly.

Despite lacking too many ways to play, seasonal progress and the multiplayer-facet of the game mean that it is still easy to jump in and enjoy a few matches.

Drive Buy really truly delivers a great, easy-to-play, jump in and enjoy experience that players on Switch and PC alike will love.

RacingGames Rating: 7.5/10

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