GT Manager REVIEW: A pocket-sized masterpiece with larger-than-life racing!

We've been playing GT Manager all morning, and have struggled to put our phones down quite frankly.

The game is a must have for mobile gamers, especially those of us who are petrolheads.

So, let's take a closer look at GT Manager, and what makes it tick in our eyes!

Impressive visuals

One of the first things which struck me about the game after downloading it was the impressive graphics.

For a mobile game, the track and the car models are an incredibly high quality. We had to do a bit of a double take!

If this is a trend that all mobile games are going to follow, then we are here for it. Take into account the ever-improving hardware on mobile phones themselves, and this game will only get better!

Time to race

Another awesome feature of the game is that the racing feels realistic, which is difficult for a manager title like this one. This is of course helped by the iconic circuits and wide choice of vehicles.

GT Manager 3
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ALL OFFICIAL: The game has 19 officially licensed vehicles!

Driver instructions have an impact on the driver's behaviour in real-time, and are incredibly noticeable.

The racing is also adaptive and changeable. The pack behaves as a pack would in a real race, with overtaking and position changes happening in a super smooth manner.

Get to grips with the campaign

One of the main features of GT Manager is the two main modes. These are multiplayer and the campaign style mode.

GT Manager 4
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ONLINE PLAY: The game boasts an in-depth multiplayer mode!

Both of these focus on your main headquarters, where you can build a variety of buildings. These are coupled with cards, which you get from packs and advancing through the game.

We found these features had a perfect blend of being in-depth and intuitive, allowing the perfect amount of skill gap for a game such as this. If you want to spend hours on the game mastering these, you can! If you just want to do a couple races on the train into work, you can!

Our verdict

Overall, the game is a must have in our eyes. Firstly, the game is free, and incredibly easy to pick up and get playing.

There is multiplayer functionality and an awesome campaign mode, both of which are great fun.

The racing itself is also awesome, and can really leave you with nail-biting action until the very last corner. In our eyes, you'd be silly not to have this game downloading right now!

RacingGames Rating: 7/10

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