Monster Energy Supercross 4 Preivew: Big jumps and even bigger action!

We recently received an opportunity to get hands-on with an early build of Monster Energy Supercross 4.

So, after playing the game for a while, we thought we'd let you know what we make of it.

What can fans expect from the next instalment in the dirt bike franchise?

Audio that gets our hearts racing

Firstly, we have to address the audio of the game. Simply put, for a game that is still in-build, it's incredible.

The music isn't overpowering, and the cacophony of noise in the middle of the pack is incredible.

Super Motorcross 1
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START YOUR ENGINES: Race in some impressive grids against big names!

Furthermore, there is even great stadium noise to remind you where you are. It truly is a unique experience with a huge crowd cheering as you race round.

Finally, the commentators are replicated perfectly, and add incredibly well to the immersion.

Sky high visuals

One other main element of the game that we love so far is the aesthetic. It isn't too grimy and dirty to be unplayable, with dirt being flung all over the camera as in some games.

However, it's just enough to aid in the impressive realism the title displays. Even the suit on the drivers back flutters in the wind as you race around.

Super Motorcross 2
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SAY CHEESE: The photo mode in game is a great way to check out the game's graphics!

It's small details such as this which really help a game stand out. The game even boasts an impressive photo mode which you can access from the pause menu!

No muddy menus

Another feature of the game that we loved was how easy to use the menus were.

There was no difficulty selecting a bike or rider, and the rider creation at the start of the game was incredibly fun!

Super Motorcross 3
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EASE OF USE: The menus in the game are incredibly well laid out and easy to use!

We hope these continue into the new game. In our eyes, less is more for in-game pause menus!

AI woes

One of the main problems with the preview build is the AI, which is apparent in turn one of every race.

However, AI tuning is often one of the final things to be done before the game hits the shelves so we aren't too concerned about this one.

As such, for the final release on March 11, we're sure the game will be perfectly polished and ready to go!

All out action

The racing itself is full on, and puts you right in the heart of the action.

Super Motorcross 4
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IN THE THICK OF IT: The racing is close and gritty!

The mix of aesthetics and audio make for an awesome gameplay experience, and we can't wait to get our hands on the final game.

With a polished AI, we're sure the game will be an absolute pleasure to play, and that the racing will be even more in-depth.

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