Monster Jam Steel Titans 2: A crushing good time for monster truck fans!

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Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 launches tomorrow, and we're sure you've had your eye on it already.

Created by the team at THQ Nordic, the game promises to be a truly defining monster truck genre title.

So, we got hands-on with the title to give you guys the full low-down on the new smash-hit. Let's take a look now!

A Crushing Career

One of the defining components of this game is its career mode, which we immediately recognised as being incredibly in-depth.

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COMPETITIVE EDGE: Compete in huge stadiums!

There are a number of different ways in which players can progress. You can enter various championships, competing against AI of varying difficulty depending on how you set it up.

The main objective of the career is to progress by winning championships, each of which takes you through a variety of events.

A truck for every occasion

One of the games other defining features is the variety of trucks. There are a whopping 38 to try.

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A LITTE BIT OF ANYTHING: There are a huge variety in the trucks available!

We found that the trucks all behaved relatively similar, but the different styles are each so unique that using a different truck felt like a new experience.

These trucks vary from the classic shape all the way through to school buses and a dragons head. You really can live out your monster truck driving fantasy in this game.

Race around the world

Another cool part of the game are the separate open-world arenas in which you can roam.

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MODES: The game features a number of different ways to play!

There are 5 of these that you can explore, practicing your moves or simply just hitting some huge jumps and getting some air time.

As a new player to monster truck titles, this really helped make the game more accessible. It was a perfect opportunity for me to master my truck driving skills.

The game also has multiplayer functionality, so we can't wait to get crushing the competition with some friends... Or just crushing our friends!

Get to grips

One of the most intuitive features of the game is the controller customisation.

MJST2 Controls
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MAKE IT YOUR WAY: You can customise many of the controls!

This allows you to change everything from the transmission to the way in which you steer.

For a new player to the game, this level of accessibility is perfect!

Final Verdict

As someone who doesn't play a lot of monster truck games, or particularly follow the racing in real-life, this is perfect.

The game is highly accessible, and the open-world setting of the five separate worlds is a breath of fresh air for driving games.

The racing is also fun, and the ability to set different difficulty levels for the AI makes the racing competitive yet sufficiently rewarding to keep me wanting more.

RacingGames Rating: 7/10

Review copy provided by publisher, game reviewed on PC

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