Monster Energy Supercross 4 REVIEW: Thrilling motocross series hits the mark again

Milestone's annual Supercross game is always a blast to play and 2021's Monster Energy Supercross 4 is no exception to the rule.

The new game brings us more of what we loved in 3 and, for the first time, on glorious next-gen.

Unfortunately, other than the updated rosters and graphics, there aren't many huge leaps forward over 3. However, if it ain't broke, don't fix it and MESX4 is an experience that racing gamers won't forget in a hurry!

The official Supercross game

Some of you reading this review may be wondering "what is Supercross?" Supercross is similar to Motocross in that it's dirt bike racing around muddy tracks.

The difference is that Motocross takes place off-road, whereas Supercross is showcased in front of huge crowds inside massive stadia. With Supercross being so easily accessible, it's one of the most popular motorsport series in the US.

Monster Energy Supercross The Official Videogame driver roster
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THE FULL MONTY: Every driver, bike and stadium in the real-life sport is included here

Supercross is raw, gritty and requires a surprising skill level to master. All of these qualities are translated well to this video game adaptation.

There's nothing quite like barging and dicing with over 20 opponents to see who comes out on top around a tight corner.

Better graphics but not much else

The leap up in terms of technology and graphics that the next-gen consoles bring is an obvious improvement over last year's Supercross 3.

However, aside from that and the updated rosters and bikes, there's not a lot to talk about. The rider creation options are the bare bones of what you'd expect in a game like this.

Monster Energy Supercross The Official Videogame 4 player creation
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BASIC: The character creation is the bare minimum of what you'd expect

The journey you go on through your career is the standard road to glory campaign. It is a tried and tested method of progression though, and that's not a bad thing by any means.

You start off in the "Futures" series and work your way to the Supercross series before eventually becoming world champion.

Fun gameplay

While MESX4 is lacking in some off-track areas, the action on-track is packed full of everything you'd expect.

For beginners and those that are inexperienced on two wheels, there are a lot of useful tutorials available from the start of the game.

Monster Energy Supercross The Official Videogame 4 race gameplay
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ALWAYS ENTERTAINING: There's rarely a dull moment in SX4

These teach you the basic skills for cornering as well as perfecting weight transfer for jumps and much more.

From our experience, these bikes are a lot more forgiving than those found in games like MXGP 2020. However, if you do find yourself falling over the handlebars, rewinds are available to help correct your mistakes.

Something else that's cool is that there's a skills tree to progress through. This isn't a tree for the bike, but rather for you, the rider.

It's a similar system to games like NBA's My Player Career, where you assign skill points to improve specific areas of your game.

The Verdict

The jump to the next-gen consoles has made MESX4 the most fun edition in the series' short history. Graphically and audibly it's a level above the previous games and the races are just as entertaining.

The lack of options when it comes to personalising your rider is disappointing, but racing games are about the on-track action. That said, there are times when this feels like a polished edition of MESX3.

If you're picking up MESX for the first time though, you're sure to have a blast!

RacingGames Rating: 7/10

Review copy provided by publisher, reviewed on PlayStation 4

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