rFactor 2: RCCO eX ZERO 2021 DLC is now available on Steam!

rFactor 2 is one of the defining sims of the current generation.

With a plethora of cars and content already included, new additions are always exciting.

So now, let's take a look at the latest DLC that you can get in rFactor 2!

Electric Racing

Sustainable racing has been on the rise since the success of Formula E.

rF2 RCCO 3
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ELECTRIC POWER: The car has a 100kWH battery!

Now, it's making its way into videogames also. Here, it is in the form of an exciting new DLC for rFactor 2.

The vehicle is the eX ZERO 2021. A 1000hp electric beast that will make your eyes water!

The eX ZERO 2021

So, let's give you some more info on the mind-boggling eX ZERO 2021.

rF2 RCCO 2
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BATTLE IT OUT: Capable of 20 minutes of racing, races will be short and sweet!

Firstly, the car is entirely exclusive to rFactor 2. That means that you'll not be able to get your hands on it anywhere else.

Secondly, the car was designed with DTM Champion Mike Rockenfeller. As such, the car's every nut and bolt are hand-designed to reflect real-life.

Thirdly, the vehicle is 4WD and only 1000kg without a driver, so you better get that steering wheel ready for some fast-paced action!

Finally, the car has downforce similar to an LMP3 car, but considerably more torque, so hold on to your hat!

The Pace

The car itself is capable of blisteringly fast lap times, rather unsurprisingly.

rF2 RCCO 1
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HAND BUILT: The car was designed with DTM Champion Mick Rockenfeller!

rFactor 2 ambassador and Porsche Carrera Cup driver Rudy van Buren, set a Spa-Francorchamps lap time of circa 1:50.

We can't wait to get our hands on the new car, which is available right now!

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