rFactor 2 team promise more improvements to UI, servers, & more!

rFactor 2 is another incredible sim title which is often overlooked following it's rather rough release in 2013.

Thankfully, a new studio, Studio 397, has taken over management of the game, and it's now an absolute pleasure to play.

So, with the latest Q7A now release, let's take a closer look at what the team has planned for the future!

GUI Overhauls

One of the most common complaints about the game currently is the laggy UI which players have to put up with when playing the game.

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At the start of this year, the new UI was made default for all players. This works well for players as "it is a good starting point for [them] to keep extending, tweaking and otherwise improving the UI". An app for your phone is even on the way!

Internal betas have already started for some new features. Excitingly, these are based on community feedback, which means the studio is still listening to the players when it comes to game improvements.

These improvements include general fixes for the lagginess of the UI. We don't yet know when these fixes will arrive but the team is already looking into it.

Team telemetry

With the imminent implementation of team and endurance racing, many have been wondering if team will have a joint telemetry feature.

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There is no confirmation on this just yet, as Studio 397 still need to put the team and endurance racing modes in the game.

However, the team did indeed say that they will consider several of the community proposed features.

Safety Ratings

A huge feature currently lacking from rFactor 2 but already present in many sims is a Safety Rating. This is a way of telling a driver's competence on track.

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We don't yet know if the system implemented in rFactor 2 will be safety related or not, but a feature will be made at some point.

There is no ETA, however, once implemented, the team behind the game has stated that the feature could be used to climb an in-game ladder and enter specific competitions. A separate blog on this is coming soon!

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