Can you play Rocket League offline?

Despite turning seven years old this year, Rocket League remains one of the most enjoyable racing games out there. The face-paced and exciting gameplay makes the experience of playing Rocket League a blast.

Understandably, the online multiplayer is always fun and gets most of the game's spotlight. What about the other game modes though? Such as the ones that can be played offline. Here's everything you need to know about Rocket League offline.

Single and multiplayer offline

Online multiplayer modes are more popular than ever and it's not uncommon for games to release without a single player. That isn't the case with Rocket League though, as there are several offline modes also included. This is despite the raging success of its online game modes.

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ALL OF THE FUN, NONE OF THE INTERNET: Rocket League has all of its online features available offline too

Both single and multiplayer can be played offline, but how does this compare to the chaos and mayhem online?

Online v offline

The debate between whether online or offline game modes are better is one that really comes down to personal preference. While a scenario where you'll be able to play in a LAN party is rare these days, it does happen, and nothing beats offline multiplayer for sheer fun factor. While you could do this online, it's not as fun in our opinion, because this can be spoiled by online players.

However, the opposite is true when it comes to the offline single player mode. While the AI-controlled racers are good and can provide entertainment, it's not as satisfying beating them as it is real people. They also can be relatively predictable, especially when compared to human players.

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GOOD, BUT NOT THE BEST: We prefer the mayhem online to the offline modes in Rocket League

In general, though, for ease of use, online multiplayer is overall the best game mode in Rocket League. The ability to play against your friends and a group of random people online is the best experience in Rocket League. The sheer randomness and excitement cannot be matched by anything involving AI racers.

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