McLaren 765LT Bundle Drifts Into Fortnite This Week

McLaren 765LT Bundle Drifts Into Fortnite

McLaren 765LT Bundle Drifts Into Fortnite

Rocket League and Fortnite players rejoice! The McLaren 765LT Bundle has screeched into the Fortnite Shop, bringing a new racing beast to both games as well as Rocket Racing. Not only that, there is also a range of new paint schemes and Boosts to enjoy with the new bundle.

Let’s take a look at the McLaren 765LT Bundle available now in Fortnite.

Papaya comes to Fortnite

This week sees the McLaren 765LT Bundle arrive in Fortnite. Containing the car itself, along with a selection of paint schemes and decals to make it pop, this bundle is perfect for racing fans dropping into Fortnite.

Players can now take advantage of the McLaren 765LT’s 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine to help make that clutch on the final circle, or just cruise around the map in style avoiding the fight entirely. That's before you dominate on the track in Rocket Racing, of course.

For those looking for that extra customisation option, the McLaren 765LT comes with 13 paint colours for both the body and the wheels. On top of that, five unique decals can be added to make your car stand out from the rest. This all means you’ll be able to tailor your wheels exactly to your liking, or just keep that McLaren Papaya perfection.

The McLaren 765LT is playable in Fortnite and Rocket Racing, as well as Rocket League using cross-game ownership. It’s not just the new car that comes in the McLaren 765LT Bundle, however.

Hit the Boost

Cosmetic Boosts have also come to Fortnite as part of the McLaren 765LT Bundle. These Boosts are Locker items that fire out of the rear of the car when using Turbo in Rocket Racing or Boost in Battle Royale.

The Startrack Boost and Ethereal Boost are both now available to buy in the Shop. These Boosts are not just limited to the McLaren 765LT, with players able to apply them to any car in their garage.

Rocket Racing Startrack Boost Bundle
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Each comes with 13 colour options, so it’s possible to match your Boost colour to the rest of your setup. Colour coordination has never been as crucial as it is in Fortnite after all!

The Startrack Boost is available via the Startrack Boost Bundle, with the Ethereal Boost coming in the Ethereal Boost Bundle. Check out both along with the McLaren 765LT Bundle in Fortnite today.

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